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digital asset management

Content is messy and complicated

Content comes in many forms, and has countless sources and destinations. It changes with new messaging, visual styles, and product updates. Quite simply, content can be difficult to manage!

We’ve been solving these challenges for 20 years.

digital asset management solutions


deliver content to market with workflow and portals

Widen simplifies how content gets to market

Take the guessing game out of your workflow with the cloud-based Widen Collective®.

Bring content together
365体育现金Create a searchable, shareable library of your photos, videos, documents, podcasts, and product information

Send it anywhere
Distribute content to any person or system to support sales, marketing, and e-commerce

Accelerate your workflows
Use automation to guide content through creation, review, approval, and distribution

Connect the tools you use everyday

DAM Software ntegrations and Partnerships


“After the implementation, we are now able to leverage a much smarter, more systems-based process to assign the correct assets to the correct products and update a version in one central location, and have that push to all instances of that asset across multiple websites and web applications. It saves major time for the marketing team.”


Megan Leonardi

365体育现金Director of Digital Marketing & E-commerce

Asset search and Widen history graphic

Real history, unreal service

Widen has thrived for more than 70 years because:

  • We do what we say
  • We don’t wait for change, we become it
  • We challenge today
  • We flourish, together
  • Service is our secret sauce

365体育现金We want to be the best part of your day, so you can reach your highest potential – every day.

Global software, local mindset

365体育现金With offices in the United States and Europe, Widen helps you increase marketing efficiency anywhere in the world.


customers around the world


active users around the world


countries worldwide

“Widen was a great match. We wanted something that was SaaS-based and something that was adaptable.”
Arthur Werner

HARMAN International

Kate Bennewitz Photo Graphic
“Widen has helped us serve an international market by being a tool that communicates. It's allowed for more open communications, which helps our markets grow.”
Kate Bennewitz

365体育现金Life Fitness

Jay Pongonis DAM System User
“DAM serves as the engine for content delivery. It empowers sales, resellers, and e-commerce and derives meaningful analytics to help grow your business.”
Jay Pongonis

Hexagon Geospatial

DAM Software API User Jennifer Hurley
“We've built elaborate systems around the DAM, leveraging Widen's API to create a photo management workflow. Widen's product is core to our current ecosystem.”
Jennifer Hurley

Clear Channel Outdoor

Why partner with Widen?

We won “” at ClickZ Marketing Technology Awards, but that’s just one reason people choose Widen.

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Festival of DAM

(Speaking and exhibiting)
September 1-2, 2020
Virtual event

Festival of Marketing

October 7-8, 2020
Virtual event

Widen Summit

October 13-14, 2020
Virtual event